Online Sports Betting in Tennessee

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During 2018, the US Supreme Court decided to overturn the federal ban on sports betting and many states started making this lucrative industry legal. As far as online sports betting TN is concerned, the residents of the Volunteer State are about to get quite the entertainment treat this year. Namely, as of summer 2020, the sports gambling Tennessee market should witness the launching of its first sportsbook.

New Sportsbooks Launched in TN!

Online Sports Betting TN Basics

Sports betting enthusiasts all over Tennessee should have their first (or even a couple) active sportsbooks by the end of summer 2020. With sports betting Tennessee being legal, the long-awaited online sports betting platforms and even sports betting apps are soon to be active. During 2019, the sports gambling Tennessee bill finally passed the legislative body of TN. 


There are not many Southern states that decided and managed to make sportsbooks legal. Even if Arkansas and Mississippi succeeded, none of them offer online wagering yet. Yes, in some Southern states online fantasy sports are considered legal, but not online betting. This would mean that the state of Tennessee will soon be the first state in this part of the US to offer legal online wagering. 

Sports Betting Tennessee Launch Date

Even though there is not a precisely confirmed date for the launch of any sportsbooks in this state, there has been some speculation. 2020 is certainly the year for this great event for all the sport betting fans of TN, and it is likely that it will happen this summer. Whether this will all go down by the end of July is a guessing game, but it is clearly just around the corner.

How to Register for a TN Sportsbook Account

Since there is no TN online or mobile sportsbook available at the moment, we can only assume things such as this. Anyhow, it shouldn’t be much different from all the other online sportsbooks around the globe. 

Assuming that the first operator to launch their online sports betting TN platform will also launch a mobile app, there should be two options. The wagerers all around the state of Tennessee should be able to create an account via any browser on their computers and laptops or via potential sports betting apps. 

However, if the operator in question decides to optimize their website for mobile use, we could expect a third option as well. In that case, the bettors should be able to register using their mobile browsers. 

The process might look something like this:

  • The users should visit the website and look for the “Sign Up” button
  • Click on the button and fill in all the necessary details
  • Possibly opt-in for the potential welcome offer or insert promo code
  • Choose the preferred payment method 
  • Provide a government-issued document to prove their identity (passport, ID, driving license, etc)
  • Activate the account and deposit funds to start betting

Depending on the brand, their policies as well as terms and condition, this process might look different. In essence, these are the general steps you might be facing upon creating an online sportsbook account in TN in the future.

TN Sportsbook Apps

None of the sports betting brands actually announced that they are launching its Tennessee sports betting sites. The same goes for mobile sportsbooks, and yet there are some big games in the industry that might break the ice in TN. No operator is limited from the operating license, but the previously mentioned conditions will probably limit smaller sport betting operators.

Just like with Tennessee sports betting sites, these brands are likely to launch their sports betting apps in TN:

Sportsbooks Coming Soon in Tennessee

Mobile betting and online betting will be the two possible ways to wager on sports events in TN. This will make it easy for all the major online and mobile operators to overtake, they only need to get a license from the state. So, will the actual situation please the eager online gaming fans waiting for the official announcements?

We have to wait and see which ones from the top-rated US operators will launch their Tennessee sports betting sites. Let’s not forget that Tennessee is one of the states with the not-so-popular gambling tax rate of 20%. But, here are a couple of Tennessee sports betting sites that might start operating soon:

Tennessee Sports Betting Law

Tennessee gambling law was changed back in 2018, making sports betting Tennessee legal. Moreover, the current law only allows online and mobile sportsbooks to operate. Meaning that the bettors in Tennessee will only be able to place their bets via an online sportsbook platform or via a mobile one. 

Moving on to other parts of this new sports betting Tennessee law, the license and taxation fees are already familiar. All the new operators will be able to operate if they purchased a $750,000 annual license. In addition, the new sportsbooks will have to be ready to pay gaming taxes of 20%. 

And as far as in-game or live bets are concerned, the sportsbooks will have to legally own official league data. In other words, they will have to purchase another license from sports leagues allowing them to have in-game bets.

Tennessee Online Sports Betting F.A.Q.s

In case you have some more questions about the online sports betting TN, take a look at some of the FAQs. You might be able to find the answer to your question below:

Is sports betting legal in TN?

Online sports betting TN is considered legal in this state. Physical or retail sportsbooks are still not legal TN.

Is mobile sports betting legal in TN?

Sports betting on mobile devices using mobile browsers and sports betting apps are considered legal in TN.

Can I bet on college sports in TN?

Once the first online sportsbook launch happens in Tennessee, the bettors will be able to bet on different sports events, including college sports. It will also depend on the operator’s sports market selection. 

Who oversees TN online sports betting?

Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation is the legislative body that will oversee the online sports gambling Tennessee industry.

Who can apply for a Tennessee sports betting license?

Any brand willing to pay a $750,000 annual licensing fee is free to apply. The state of Tennessee has no limit on issuing online and mobile sportsbook licenses. 

Bet on Pro Sports in Tennessee

With the changed online gambling bill in TN, the online sportsbook business is about to bloom. And what’s more, the online sports gambling Tennessee fans in this state can’t wait for it all to start. And once it all starts, the bettors will want to know which is the best site to place bets. 

One thing is for sure, to be able to bet on pro sports in this or any other state, the wagerers will have to first register as users. Every single legit online sportsbook will ask the users to create an account, sign in, and then allow them to place bets. There might be some slight differences from one operator to another, but this is the number one step towards placing a bet online. 

Betting on some of the biggest professional sports leagues should be available in the majority of sportsbooks. And once these sportsbooks start operating, here’s what to expect from betting on pro sports in TN:

Tennessee Titans


Just like in the majority of the US, NFL betting in TN is bound to be a big deal. It is like the cherry on top of a cake when it comes to betting on pro sports. And what’s better than betting on your own state team? Hopefully, the TN residents will have the chance to bet on the NFL’s Tennessee Titans this season. 

Memphis Grizzlies

And for the fans of basketball, NBA betting in TN might just be as exciting. The statistics concerning the most betted on league among the states can differ, but the NBA will undoubtedly be popular. Tennessee has NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies as one of the betting options that might be quite popular once the sportsbooks start operating. 

Nashville Predators

Let’s not forget that the hockey sports betting market and NHL betting in TN are yet another thing that might be quite popular. The state is proud of the Nashville Predators and their fanbase will likely place many bets on their favorite hockey team.

Nashville SC

Finally, the state in question has a new MLS franchise called Nashville SC. Thus, we can assume that MLS betting in TN could also be one of the top betting markets. It is the team’s first season and hopefully all the fans will be able to support them more in the rest of the year.  

Tennessee Sports Betting Legislative Path

This state’s timeline towards succeeding in making online sports betting TN legal might look something like this:

First, Tennessee State Representative Rick Staples vouched for the sports betting Tennessee bill. Ultimately, the bill passed the House and Senate and it became a law making online and mobile sportsbooks legal. Apart from a futile try to ban betting on Sundays, the bill passed rather easily. Even if the bill reached governor Bill Lee and was never signed, it became a law. Governor Lee officially permitted sports wagering in TN in June 2019.

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