Online horse race betting in Tennessee

Watching your favorite horse cross the finish line before any other formidable opponent in a race creates an adrenaline rush like no other.

For those who don’t have the privilege of visiting a physical racetrack online horse race betting in Tennessee is the next best thing. While you won’t be watching the competitions at the stables, you can catch the excitement by actively placing wagers on the runners.

Online Horse Books in TN

The general gambling laws may be strict, but when it comes to horse betting online in TN, they are lenient. Residents can legally watch and wager on their favorite runners using a range of reliable horse betting apps in TN.

Thanks to the availability of horse betting apps in TN, the popular sport growing even more popular because horse racing fanatics don’t have to be present at the stables to join in on the action.

Its no wonder why there has been a boom in the creation of user-friendly mobile gaming applications by sportsbooks with the countries. If you’ve never placed wagers on the go, then you should consider yourself lucky that you bumped onto this review.

Keep reading to find out about your best options for online horse racing in Tennessee using your smartphone or tablet.

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Best Online Horse Racing Apps in TN

The progress that online horse racing in Tennessee has made is proof that technology is providing comfort and advancements we could only once dream of in the past.  Despite the restrictions surrounding gambling laws in the United States of America, horse betting apps in TN have made it possible to participate in one of the state’s favorite pastimes.

This is because licensed firms offer online horse betting in TN while providing security, a higher variety of race tracks and online bonuses residents would not otherwise be able to access. After spending hours scouring the internet out team of ardent horse racing fans discovered a handful of the most remarkable mobile applications for betting on thoroughbreds. They are:


BetAmerica is one of the best and largest legal horse betting apps in TN and the entire US. They are licensed to provide real money waggers to citizens of a couple of gambling legal states in the US. Their main focus is on horse races in the US, and they also offer greyhound racing wagers. Horse race betting in Tennessee benefits from this as the state accepts the gaming site and there are over 400 tracks to wager on. BetAmerica has a minimum sign up deposit of $10 and a matched bonus of 100% up to $100.


Another big player in when it comes to horse betting apps in Tennessee is Television Games Network which is a racing authority in the US, a subsidiary of Betfair. TVG has more than 150 race tracks in the world and has been licensed in the US since 1993.  TVG offers the best of horse tracks in America, and you can watch and bet on your mobile device or computer. Upon signing up, you can double your first deposit up to $100.


With a $100 sign up bonus, Twinspires is one of the leading horse betting apps in Tennessee. They have an array of offers surrounding major holidays and events, and you are set to have fun and double your winnings. The bonus is contingent on your betting at least $500 within 30 days of signing up. They are also licensed in the many of the gambling legal states in the USA which makes online horse racing in Tennessee available to its residents. They offer free handicapping advice and live video racing so you can watch your favorite horse pass the finish line.


Xpressbet is also licensed in the US, for your online horse racing in TN, they offer you the chance to pick the bonus you prefer right after registration. This is between $500, $100 and $20, and of course terms and conditions apply. They have other promotions and bonuses, as well as unique options for handling your account with them. Live racing on over 300 tracks from all over the world is an added advantage with this popular app for horse race betting in TN. You can make a wager through your mobile devices, the app, or on your computer. Online betting on horse races is now quite simple and straightforward with such great online options.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

In Tennessee, betting on horse races need not be complicated. There are several types of bets you can wager on the horses you support. Now that you know the most reliable mobile applications available for you, here are a few basic bets you can place on a horse race:

  • Win – This is one of the simplest forms of a bet you can place. You place a bet, and if your horse comes in the first place, you win! The payoff is typically dependent on the win odds.
  • Place – With this bet, the horse you pick to carry you to the finish line must come in either first or second for you to win.
  • Show – This means that for you to win, the horse you place a wager on has to finish either first, second, or third in a race.
  • Exacta – You pick two horses in a race, they need to finish first and second, in that exact order, to count as a win.
  • Trifecta – With this bet, you pick a combination of three horses. You only win if they come in first, second, and third place, in that specific order.
  • Superfecta – Similar to the Trifecta bet, here you pick four horses that have to place first, second, third and fourth, in that order, for you to win.
  • Pick 3 – Although it might take a higher amount to bet, the payoff is substantially higher if you win this bet. Here the horses you pick have to win three races in a row.
  • Pick 4 – Like the Pick 3 bet, your horses have to win four races consecutively for you to win.
  • Pick 6 – Here, your horses have to win six consecutive races, the chances may be lower, but it presents a higher payoff if they win.

As you can see, you have plenty of exciting options to back the horses that you think are going to earn you some money. Moreover, once you start using any of the apps that we’ve discussed, you’ll have even more betting options.

Horse Racing Tracks in TN

The history of horse race betting in Tennessee is a tricky one. The law has been on and off about legalizing the trade. Currently, residents of TN can only bet on horse racing online. This means that there are no legalized horse racing tracks in the state. However, with more than 300 tracks from the non-restricted sites for online horse racing in the Volunteer State, you can enjoy a variety of races on your portable device from the comfort of your home, with added bonuses. Why don’t you download any of the horse betting apps in Tennessee above and see how things will go for you?