Online casinos in Tennessee: is it legal to gamble online?

Tennessee state is well-known as one of the states where land-based and online casino gambling infrastructure is not available because of its firm anti-gambling policies.

As a result, you won’t find any TN online casinos or TN casino apps currently operating within the confines of the stare. Therefore, the only way you can gamble for real money is by taking part in the Tennessee-regulated lottery or place wagers on horse races online.

Nonetheless, have you ever wondered what the future of casino gambling in the state looks like? Well, if you’re interested in finding out whether there is hope for the legalization of online casinos in Tennessee, keep reading and fund out what the future may hold!

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Online casino or poker from TN, not legal yet…

Possible Online Casinos Tennessee Operators

As we speak, there hasn’t been any movement towards the regulation of online casinos. Moreover, now and again, there have been vocal politicians who have come out strongly against establishing online casinos in Tennessee. As a result, you will find that many Tennessee locals have to travel to neighboring states to get their fix of casino gaming while those who can’t choose to play in offshore online casinos.

Although Tennessee is among the anti-gambling States in the US, many other offshore online casinos have exclusively no problems about accepting players based in Tennessee. Even so, you could find yourself rubbing shoulders with the law in a Class C misdemeanor offense of you are found guilty of participating in online casino games like poker.

Penalties for such an offense are rather trivial, something close to getting a ticket for jaywalking. To that effect, we think that soon enough, tables may turn and Tennessee locals may finally have a chance to enjoy TN online casinos gaming. And when that day comes, here are some of the finest online casinos that we think will be in line to serve players residing in Tennessee.

Betfair Casino

Betfair Casino, which operates in partnership with the FanDuel Group, is among the oldest online casinos that provide online gambling services to players around the globe. The casino started in 1999 and went on to become one of the most dominant names in the business world over.

At the moment, the casino is registered under Malta Gaming Authority, and when they broke into the USA market, they are currently serving under licenses in New Jersey, among other States. The casino is widely known for providing a broad variety of top-notch casino games ranging from an assortment of table games, slots, and live dealer games.

Here, right after you finish setting up your account, you will enjoy lucrative bonuses that are set up for both newbies and ongoing members. For sure, all you need for an entertaining and profitable gambling session is available at Betfair, and if things change, it will be an excellent platform for any interested parties even gamers who would like to play on mobile using TN casino apps.

Is it legal to Play at Online Casino in TN?

The Tennessee Code, Chapter 39, covers illegal gambling. As we’ve already mentioned, the definition of gambling in TN is rather unclear and vague – in general, betting on valuables or money on luck-centered activities are considered illegal. Luckily, the existing regulations have been planned before the beginning of online gambling, meaning that players here and there can still get away with a play on online casinos Tennessee offshore sites or via TN casino apps since it is not clearly banned as long as they are offshore.

State officials are free to argue to a certain extent that those rules also apply to online casino games, but the law, in the end, isn’t strong enough or clear for individual online gamblers to be prosecuted. In the worst-case scenario, an online casino participant could be charged with a Class C Misdemeanor.   

To make things more transparent for you, some of the Tennessee gambling laws are:

  • No online gambling –Online casino in TN and online poker is banned.
  • Operating land-based casinos and playing in them is illegal
  • No charitable gaming is allowed since it was banned in 1989, except for cakewalks and annual raffles
  • Lottery betting is permitted. Examples of the ones you can take part in are: Powerball, Mega Millions and State Lottery
  • The minimum gambling age is 18yrs for the few legal activities

Final Words

Currently, things are very tight in Tennessee, but since it not clear whether playing in offshore online casinos is illegal, some locals still take on their favorite games online.

Despite the current state of affairs, we are crossing our fingers, and we hope that Tennessee will follow what other states like New Jersey are doing to repeal their laws on gambling. And if that happens, locals will finally be able to play in their own state legal TN online casinos!